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Camera Location: Placement and Positioning

Camera Location Tips Camera Location depends on the following: Distance from camera to viewing / recording device Environmental conditions Lighting conditions Distance Tips The further you wish to place the camera from the viewing or recording device, the higher the quality of the camera and cable should be. This will help ensure an acceptable image […]

The New Age of Video Surveillance: Not Just Security Anymore

Picture this: a massive wall of video monitors virtually dwarfing the person in charge of scanning each one. Now that’s impressive! Or is it? For many companies of various sizes and sophistication, this is the reality of video surveillance. But there may be a false sense of security behind all that hardware. Because when you […]

Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance: New Video Camera Sees It All

360° surveillance video promises high-res detail, multiple views, and DVR features Traditional surveillance cameras can be of great assistance to law enforcement officers for a range of scenarios—canvassing a crowd for criminal activity during a Fourth of July celebration, searching for who left a suitcase bomb beneath a bench, or trying to pick out a […]

Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras

              Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras Enterprise-Class Video Surveillance Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras are 2.1 megapixel, high-definition cameras that produce video streams in full 1080p resolution. Models are available in box, dome, and bullet form factors with options for indoor or outdoor mounting. Features and Capabilities Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 […]

FLIR Systems, Inc. – Leading Supplier of Thermal Security Cameras for the Nuclear Industry

With more thermal cameras in the field than all other companies combined, FLIR Systems is the acknowledged leader in thermal imaging around the world. An industry innovator since 1978, FLIR has quickly become the leading supplier of high performance thermal security cameras for facilities that have to maintain constant vigilance against intruders. Recent rules out […]

Benefits of Security Cameras

Benefits of Security Cameras Surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of homes and businesses. The range and options of surveillance cameras available in the marketplace has encouraged their deployment in more locations, areas and facilities. The latest advances in security cameras and surveillance systems have elevated levels of security monitoring, management and enforcement and […]

4 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages of Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras help keep small businesses in New England safe in a lot of different ways, but they’re not a cure-all. If you’re considering installing security cameras at your business, consider these advantages and disadvantages as you plan yourbusiness security system. Advantages of Security Cameras Security cameras offer businesses more than peace of mind. Installing […]