CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Best Commercial Security Camera Systems

Home users usually have simple security needs that can be addressed by basic security camera installations. Businesses on the other hand, have more specialized needs. They face a variety of security challenges that would require highly advanced commercial security camera systems. As such, business users may have a hard time choosing an ideal camera system for their facility.


Top Factors to Consider when Buying a Security Camera System

Price: The quality and performance of a security¬†camera system¬†is irrelevant if the user cannot afford to buy it. Therefore, users must compare different quotes from the different security camera companies to ensure that they select a system that matches their budget. On the other hand, it is advisable to select providers who can design or customize their systems to match their clients’ needs and budget.

Resolution: IP grade security cameras offer high quality resolution of up to 10MP. With such image clarity, home and business users are able to deploy effective monitoring and surveillance applications featuring facial recognition, vehicle number plate recognition and other functionality.

IP Rating: Outdoor security camera systems need to be durable and reliable in order to withstand the harsh conditions and weather elements. As such, outdoor cameras may require weatherization or use of protective enclosures. The IP rating (Ingress Protection) is a standard for measuring the suitability of CCTV enclosures to withstand dust and rain.

: The ideal commercial security camera systems are designed to offer protection round the clock. The cameras are able to capture images in both normal and low lighting conditions. IR cameras or True Day/Night cameras are usually included in the camera systems for this purpose.

Storage: Video surveillance applications can use two main types of storage systems, namely, central video recording and Edge recording. Users can choose to utilize only one, or both of these methods, depending on their individual storage needs. However, it is usually advisable to have both systems in place – the central recording servers can act as the primary storage, and the onboard storage for failover or backup recording.