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Camcorder Pen

py Camera Specialists have released a sneaky hidden camera with their Spy Camcorder Pen. This pen is a hidden camera that is expertly disguised as a fully functional, everyday item. The camcorder pen comes with a few substantial features such as a 2-megapixel lens and the ability to record video and audio simultaneously. While you can use it as a pen in your meetings or while interviewing someone at your desk, you can also secretly tape what is happening around you.

pen camera

If you are one of those people who like to have everything on record, then having a spy camcorder pen could be just the trick. From interviews to important financial meetings, this camera can begin recording even while you write. The dual functionality is what makes it a fantastic tool, as well as the capability to switch to audio-only mode. This will use less battery power than video recording but the microphone will still pick up everything that goes on around you.

Video quality is 640 x 480 pixels and at 30 frames per second. Both of these specs are typical for smaller recording devices and will give you clear video that you can view on your computer later. All video is recorded in a standard AVI format, and you have the option to turn time stamping on and off. We can’t figure out why you would ever want it off since time stamping is such a useful feature.

The tiny pinhole lens and microphone are located at the top of the pen and can be turned easily even while you are writing. Once you click the top of the pen to begin recording, a blue light will dimly light up to tell you the camera is running. This self-contained camera also has a still picture capability. This is useful, but with how small this device is and the focal length of the lens (5 mm), you need to keep your video within 10-15 feet so that you get the best picture possible.

The design of this hidden camera is definitely the best part of it. Everything is included inside the pen. If you want to access the USB port, you just pull the pen apart and you will be able to plug the pen right into your computer for easy viewing as well as charging the device. You get color video with this hidden camera, and all memory is built in.

Spy Camera Specialists are very good about answering your questions. During their business hours you can chat online with one of their specialists and they can direct you either to the right product or help you troubleshoot your problem. You can feel free to send a question using their online form or call their office.

The Spy Camcorder Pen is an effective hidden camera that has a sleek and smart design that will blend right in with your other belongings. This camera will record even as you write and can do it in color. You can turn time stamping on and off, click to take a still image and even record audio by itself. The lens is small and only allows for video of close objects. It also doesn’t come with motion detection, but since these are minor setbacks for an otherwise efficient hidden camera, we have to say this device is useful for anyone.