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Cameras on Police Uniforms

Police uniforms can be equipped with a hidden camera by using a wearable spy camera system. Button cameras are powered by it’s own internal battery power source. These devices usually last from 40 minutes to 3 hours.

The battery life of wearable cameras can be extended  with use of a external power pack.

Police Officers Find Tiny Pocket Cams Are ‘Silent Partners’
One Mississippi police department has only five officers on its force, but nothing gets by them thanks to a small piece of technology recording every traffic stop and legal encounter.
The Walls, Miss., police department is one of a few in the country equipping officers with tiny clip-on video cameras that attach to the front pocket of an officer’s uniform. The cameras are no bigger than a pack of gum and they hold a small memory card, capable of recording hours of evidence.
“I call it my silent partner,” said Walls Police Chief Gary Boisseau. “We’re a small department, there’s usually one maybe two of us on at a time and it’s good to have that extra set of ears — that extra set of eyes out there.”

Walls Police Chief Gary Boisseau displays the department’s latest aid in law enforcement, a wearable video camera. The unit captures audio and video while clipped to a uniform or can be set up as a surveillance camera.

Utah police to have cameras, microphones pinned to uniforms
The police here may not see all the violence and hijinks captured in a “Cops” episode, but they are more wired. The American Fork Police Department claims to be the first law enforcement agency in the country to outfit all of its officers with video cameras and microphones pinned to their uniform.