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Cutting Curb Appeal: Deter Burglars with the Right Gear

The burglars that may prowl your neighborhood are looking for the easiest target they can find. There are many ways to make your home a less-attractive target. A small investment now can protect your belongings and your sense of security.

One obvious way to deter criminals is to invest in a security system. The right configuration of the best wireless cameras, door sensors, motions sensors and other equipment can work together to offer a secure environment. A good security service will monitor all your equipment around the clock for a small monthly fee. These services also give you stickers and other signage that you can display to discourage criminals. Many people invest in a security system and then don’t arm it, though, which is a big mistake. If you get a good system and use it, you will reduce your chances of being burglarized.

You cannot be too careful, though. Even with a quality security monitoring service in place, it is worth taking the time to implement as many deterrents as possible to make your property less enticing to criminals. We found some good ideas for that – some obvious and some less obvious – from police departments and insurance providers around the country.

Securing Your Home

Sliding doors are often a target because they are easy to open, but there are ways to make them less vulnerable. Placing a metal rod in the door channel when you are not at home is a good idea. Also, if you install two or three screws in the overhead track, you can reduce the chance of someone being able to lift the door out of the track.

Criminals also target push-button locks because they are easy to open. Install high quality deadbolts on all outer doors in addition to the existing locks. Windows should always be shut and locked when you leave the house or go to sleep for the night. Shrubbery around your house should be kept short as much as possible so that there is no place for burglars to hide.

Away Time

Always try to make your home appear occupied, even when you are on vacation or out of the house for the night. Install exterior lights around your home. The more light there is, the more criminals will be discouraged. Interior lighting also is important. If you are going to be out of town, put some interior lights on timers so that they come on at night and make it appear that you are home. Leaving a talk radio station on while you are gone can also deter criminals. You don’t want to let newspapers or mail pile up either – both are obvious signs that no one is home. Have someone you trust pick up your papers and mail while you are away. Lock your doors, even when you are leaving for a short period of time, including time spent working in the yard.

Don’t Advertise

Hide your valuables as much as possible. Outdoor items like bikes, barbeques and yard equipment are particularly vulnerable. Hide them and lock them up. Indoor valuables should be stored in a safe. Window coverings on garages and basements are also a wise idea because they make it harder to see any valuables stored inside. Hiding a key under the mat or anywhere else near the door is a bad idea. Burglars know about the places where most people choose to hide their keys.


Discouraging criminals from trying to break into your home deserves any effort you can give it. A burglary can be draining, both financially and emotionally. We recommend the use of as many methods as you can think of to secure your home. Make it look occupied and secure at all times, whether you are home or not.