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Do I Need More than One Security Camera?

There are many reasons to use a security camera. With the economic downturn, the latest statistic is that one in six homes is burglarized in the United States. A security camera system provides enhanced security for homes and peace of mind for homeowners. Still others use security camera systems to monitor caregivers in their home. Whatever your reason for using spy cameras, in almost all situations it makes sense to use more than one security camera.

Security Cameras for Your Home

A security camera system for your home is a good idea no matter where you live. If you have valuables in your home that you want to protect, then security cameras are your best option. Homes get robbed everyday in the United States. Most likely your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover your damages in the event of loss through theft. However, there are certain things you cannot replace, most importantly your loved ones. If a criminal breaks in while your spouse or children are home, then they are potentially in danger. Security cameras can deter thieves from breaking in, and a complete security system will also include audio alarms as well as the ability to contact police as soon as someone breaks in.

Several security cameras, coupled with an alarm company that can immediately call the police if a break in occurs, offers the ultimate in security. Several cameras are necessary in order to monitor all entryways into your home. If your front door is monitored with a camera, and a thief breaks into through your back door or garage, then that front-door camera has proven to be pretty much useless. While a system of multiple security cameras is ideal, even the appearance of camera can do a lot to deter anyone from breaking and entering in the first place. Placing fake security cameras around entry points can save you money. However, if you go this route, be sure to have a quality alarm system hooked up to all your entryways. If a thief breaks in through an entryway that does not have a security camera, the alarm will still sound.

Security Cameras for Caregivers

If you have someone taking care of your young children at home or elderly parents, then you may be interested in what’s referred to as a nanny cam or granny cam. These cameras are generally small or disguised as household objects. They can be placed around your home to unobtrusively monitor what is happening while you are not there. There are unfortunately abusive situations that can occur without warning, despite background checks, excellent references and good vibes. One way to be 100 percent sure that your loved ones are safe in your home is to use a nanny cam.

Ideally, you’ll need several security cameras to monitor all areas of your home. A security camera hidden inside a smoke alarm is great for monitoring a large living space from above. However, you’ll also need other hidden cameras in other areas of your home where caregivers take care of your loved one. This includes places like the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. While one security camera is good, it will not offer complete coverage; however, a whole system of cameras can give you the assurance that your loved ones are well cared for when you’re not able to be there.