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Hidden Camera Review

Why Use a Hidden Camera?


There are many reasons to purchase the best hidden cameras for your home security. These reasons can range from thieving nannies to children sneaking a cookie before dinner. No matter the reason, you need to find the right hidden camera that will fit your lifestyle. There are plenty of hidden cameras that offer subtle design, yet they can record high definition photos and video. The clever designs mean you can place them covertly all over the house. Some cameras offer speakers that can be put into the ceiling or motion sensors that also record video. There’s even a James Bond style watch that can record video and audio. You don’t need to be an undercover agent to have use for these covert hidden cameras. When looking for the best hidden camera comparisons and reviews, we’ve reviewed the top hidden cameras so you can find the one that best fits your needs – no matter what they are. For other information, be sure to check out our articles on hidden cameras.

Hidden Cameras: What to Look For

The best covert hidden camera should give you the comfort of reliability but also be cool enough to make you feel like a secret agent. A main focal point of a good covert hidden camera is its ability to function as both a camera and as the device it is pretending to be, such as the Waterproof Watch which performs as a perfectly good watch that looks classy, too. Hidden cameras such as the Coat Hook Video Recorder and MP3 Player are fully functional, performing their tasks as a coat hook or an MP3 player without ever letting those around you know you are secretly recording them.

Finding the best hidden camera starts with your specific needs, but any good camera should offer more than just high-quality video. One key feature to look for is the product’s ability to offer dual functionality. Some cameras can also be clocks, pens, or even air fresheners. Sometimes catching a person who is in the act of committing a crime doesn’t involve video but maybe just a picture. Several of the cameras we reviewed take still images that are clear enough to see in great detail.

The physical design of the hidden camera isn’t as important as its ability to function correctly, but design still plays a part in its effectiveness. When we look at the design of these hidden cameras we want to know things like what kind of image sensor it houses and if it’s easy to load the pictures and video to your computer. Like most electronics, a hidden camera should come with a USB connector to plug directly into your computer or have an RCA video input or output for easy viewing. A covert hidden camera that offers a wide field of view can also be essential for seeing what is happening around your house when you aren’t watching.

Additional Features
Hidden cameras can offer a variety of ways to let you view recordings or images. Some cameras offer you a convenient built-in DVR so there are no extra wires that need to be attached and hidden. A good hidden camera also has color video and a time/date stamp on the video or pictures.

Help & Support 
The safety of those you care about is of top concern and having a strong company and support system to back up your hidden camera purchase can help you feel at ease. The best cameras are backed by strong support to get things working should you run into a snag with your products.

Our side-by-side comparison of hidden cameras will help you determine the best fit for you and your lifestyle. With the variety of covert cameras at your fingertips, even James Bond will be a little jealous.