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Home Security in 2015: What You Need To Know

Over the past few years, advancements in technology has allowed our customers with home security systems installed more control over their home security, than ever before. Apps for your smartphone (like Total Connect ) allow you to check in on your home and receive activity/event notifications. Other apps allow you to view real-time security camera feeds of your home and even playback recorded footage.


So what does 2015 have in store for your home security? Here are a few things to watch out for:

The Rise of Home Automation

Many of our customers already have home automation devices installed in their home: from thermostats and flood detectors to connected light switches and keyless entry door locks, to wireless burglar and fire alarm systems, home automation services allow you to monitor and change the way you manage your home in ways never seen before.

While home automation definitely grew in popularity in Charleston and the Lowcountry in 2014, with increasingly easier to use technology and more feature-rich, connected devices, you’ll definitely be missing out on enjoying the benefits of home automation if pass on it in 2015.

Security Cameras For Homes (Continue) To Climb In Popularity

With technology rapidly changing and getting easier to use in the security camera industry, customers who had security cameras installed in their home in 2014 have enjoyed the ease and peace of mind of being able to quickly check in on their children, pets and belongings from anywhere they had internet connection (which is just about anywhere these days).

In 2015, with home networks becoming increasingly more stable and faster than ever, you’ll want to consider an IP camera solution. While analog camera systems are stil more popular, IP cameras provide high quality feeds and scale a bit faster than their analog predecessor. There are advantages and disadvantages for either type of system, but both are proven in the field and will make your home that much more safe in 2015.

Better Insurance Rates for Smart/Connected Homes

With security cameras and home automation devices making your home a smart home, having that data collected and validated by your security company and alarm monitoring provider can lead to your insurance company giving you better rates in 2015. Devices such as flood detectors, smoke detectors and alarm systems increase security and reduce incidences, allowing your insurance company (depending on your provider) to customize and possibly lower your rate now that you have these devices installed and monitored.

We can’t wait for some of the new ways we’ll be helping Charleston stay safe in 2015 and look forward to another great year of protecting South Carolina’s Lowcountry!