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Home Security Door and Window Sensors

Why Get Home Security Door and Window Sensors?


The security of your home begins with monitoring the entry points into your home. Each window and door to your house represents a vulnerable point for potential break-ins. While home security systems exist to monitor all aspects of safety at home, from unauthorized entry to smoke and carbon monoxide detection, these carry with them an increased expense. Placing sensors on each window and door represents both a basic and thorough security precaution to ensure the safety of your loved ones and possessions.

The home security door and window sensor services we reviewed offer a basic, albeit important, function in home security. Through the use of door and window sensors, you can ensure that your house remains secure while remaining informed of any activity that might indicate a break-in. Even if you have your own sensor system, these services can integrate with your current security measures to give you a greater range of protection and oversight.

This review will compare best home security door and window sensor services to help you find the security solution to protect your home. Of the services we reviewed, the most noteworthy are FrontPoint Security, Protect America and SafeMart. Our reviews, in addition to our articles on home security door and window sensors, will help you increase the protective measures at home while still reducing overall expenses.

The concept behind door and window sensors is quite basic, though the safety they provide is much more comprehensive than ensuring that doors and windows remain shut. The sensors themselves are part of an integrated system of security monitoring, both automated and by actual people, to create a comprehensive security solution for a low monthly price. The key aspects of a home security sensor system include the following criteria.

Monitoring Services
Home security door and window sensors aren’t just about installing sensors on your home’s entry points. Monitoring these sensors is critical in identifying possible break-ins to a home. If a window is opened while the security system is activated, you need to know that your monitoring service will be alerted and will react appropriately to help protect your home and catch any possible culprits.

Security Devices
Home security door and window sensors consist of simple devices attached to the opening points of each portal. One sensor is attached to the frame of the window or door, and the other half of the sensor is attached to the door or window itself. When opened, the sensors separate and send out an alert that an entry point is open. If the security system is not deactivated within a specific time frame, it sets off an alarm (silent or non) that notifies the monitoring service to contact both the authorities and the homeowner. While the concept behind these sensors is quite simple, they serve a key role in home security. The effectiveness of these devices in addition to the security measures they enact will ultimately influence the effectiveness of your home security solution.

Help & Support
Home security door and window sensor systems rely largely on effective customer support. These companies not only ensure the continued functionality of your sensor system, but they also serve as an added line of defense against any security breaches. You need an effective service that is proactive in contacting you when an alarm is set through unauthorized entry. These companies help ensure the safety of your home, which means you need to be able to trust them.

Home security door and window sensors ensure that your most basic security needs are met. If a door or window’s locks become compromised, you need to know when someone is taking advantage of it. The use of a comprehensive monitoring service in addition to applications that allow you to see the status of your home’s security will invariably give you a greater peace of mind when you head out the door on vacation or even to work.