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How to Use your Spy Pen Camera

Pen camera is perfect if you need to make short recordings of what/who is in front of you. Because the battery life is limited, this kind of spy camera is not for nanny watching or home surveillance. The battery is going to last up to an hour and a half so it will work great for you if you need to record some kind of interaction, upcoming event, use it if you are a secret shopper, at your office, or for personal protection… Spy pen cameras are completely self contained and rechargeable. You charge them via USB port on your computer.Our motion detection pen cameras DVRP-4GM and DVRP-8GMcan be bought with external battery holder that will prolong the battery life up to 10 to 50 hours, depending on what kind of batteries you will be using. Operating a spy camera pen is very simple, for most recording modes it requires single action.  Pen camera records audio and video, you can set up a time stamp too, and can take still pictures.   Our model DVRP-4GH is different from other pen cameras we carry because it has and option for permanently disabling audio an option for time stamp on or off.

Here is one of the examples of ways to hide our motion detection pen camera – DVRP-4GM (also available in 8GB). For instance, if you are suspecting that your coworker is stealing from you, set it up to start recording upon motion, and you can freely leave your office/desk.

Here is the example of some different housing types for pen cameras. As you can see they all look pretty much similar, in most cases you can see exactly the same pen camera on the outside, but what’s inside is different. Chinese manufactures use the same housings to keep the cost down but there will be huge differences in quality of the video. Check out these facts about pen cameras.

From left to right: DVRP-4G, DVRP-4GH, DVRP-4GM, DVRP-4GA

After you record a video viewing it is even simpler. All you have to do is to plug in your pen camera into USB port on your computer; the computer is going to register it as an USB storage device. Just double click on it, and it is going to open a folder with all the videos/pictures you took. Right click on the video you wish to watch and play it with the VLC player that you can download here for free. For your convenience, we will include it with our motion detection pen cameras, we save it inside the pen drive together with the manual.

Save the videos you made by copying and pasting them, or simply drag them to the folder on your computer where you wish to store them. After you save them to your computer delete them from the pen camera to free the space for new recordings.