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IP Camera Review 2014


You have many options for home security, from CO2 detectors to outdoor cameras. However, IP security cameras give you the best view of problems indoors. These network cameras connect to your home internet network and allow you to access the video feed from anywhere in the world. The best IP cameras come with a home security plan.

When an alert comes through, you probably want to hop online and see what’s going on. Outdoor cameras will not always tell you if there’s a fire or robbery in progress. However, an IP security camera allows you to see what’s happening inside your home. These cameras record to a central computer, giving you a constant record of what goes on in your home. The best IP cameras turn on when alerted by motion or sound, saving energy and computer storage space. For the best results, we recommend looking at a full home security plan. Home security companies provide the equipment you need to keep your home protected and will help you monitor and service your devices.

The best IP cameras we reviewed come with a monitoring plan. You do have the option to go it alone, but when it comes to protecting your family and home, we found that the best home security solutions with IP cameras come from FrontPoint Security, Protect America and SafeMart. For more information about security cameras, we recommend you read our IP camera articles and home security guides.

Many IP security cameras have the same basic features, so when we reviewed these cameras, we looked at the extra services the companies that provide them offer. When it comes to home security and peace of mind, we recommend IP cameras that work in conjunction with a total monitoring package, rather than attempting to piece together a total security package. The following criteria helped us find the best cameras and the best overall service.

Camera Specs
Obviously, the first element of an IP camera to check is its actual specs. The best network cameras record HD video and audio, give you the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the camera, and are activated through motion detection. If an invader enters your home, a clear HD image will help police identify and find the suspect. However, the ability to control the camera and listen to any conversation is even more useful for this purpose. Finally, rather than constantly recording footage, the best IP cameras have a motion detector that will trigger the camera whenever there is an alert, starting the recording and notifying you at the same time.

Monitoring Services
Whether you use a home security service or go it alone, the ability to access your IP camera’s video feed anywhere in the world is crucial. The best companies offer 24-hour monitoring and give you access to your home’s security online and on your smartphone. Because IP cameras are network based, we prefer cameras that allowed you to access your account online to track alerts and adjust subscriptions. Although they are usually tied to a service, some IP camera software equips you with two-way communication, either through a home intercom unit or directly on the camera. Finally, if you use a full home security service, you want one that will allow you to fully automate and control your home’s monitoring devices. If you build your own home security network, you need IP cameras that can communicate with other security devices.

Security Devices
Obviously this review focuses on IP cameras. However, many of the services and manufacturers we reviewed offer several other security devices. These include smoke detectors, outdoor security cameras, motion sensors and various other sensors and devices. The companies that tie all of these elements of home security together into one total package impressed us the most. If you plan to build your own home security system, you should look for IP cameras that will connect to the full network of devices you plan to install.

Help & Support
We found that companies that offer total security packages also have the best customer service. These companies make your well-being their business, and they offer several helpful tools to help you maintain peace of mind. The best IP camera providers offer 24-hour customer support by phone, email or live chat. These companies also give you online tutorials for ways to better use your security software and FAQs to quickly address any issues. If you have to move, the best companies give you relocation options. Finally, we looked at the equipment warranty to make sure that your IP cameras are insured to monitor your home for years to come.

You have many home security options, but one of the best tools in your arsenal is an indoor network camera. IP security cameras help you track what goes on inside your home from anywhere in the world. You’ll have more comfort and less stress if you package your camera with a full home security service. Worry less and do more, thanks to the security of home monitoring.