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Nanny Cams for the Elderly


Parents traditionally use nanny cams to monitor how an au pair or babysitter interacts with a child in the parents’ absence. However, this is not the only application for nanny cameras. There are also nanny cams for the elderly.

A nanny cam is essentially a video camera system that is disguised as a typical household item such as a clock, radio, boom box, VCR, lamp, smoke detector, child’s toy or something else. Children of aging parents sometimes use nanny cams for the elderly, also referred to as granny cams, as a tool to monitor a parent’s caretaker when they suspect elder abuse. In other instances, the reason for installing a nanny cam is more benign. Nanny camera setups that allow monitoring over the internet may be used as a tool that allows the child of an aging parent to visually check in on his or her mom or dad more frequently than physical visitations allow. It’s a way of simply checking in on elderly parent who is living alone.

Often, however, a child who is concerned about the quality of care an aging parent who is not able to communicate fully is receiving uses a nanny cam for the elderly to monitor the caregivers. There have been quite a few instances when video footage captured by nanny cams has been used to criminally prosecute elder abuse crimes. Sometimes the nanny cam is set up to covertly monitor how a parent’s home health-care aid is performing his or her duties when the worker believes no one else is watching. You can also set up nanny cameras to monitor the situation in an assisted-living facility or nursing home.

When using nanny cams for the elderly in a nursing home where elder abuse is a concern, a nanny cam referred to as a stealth cam is best suited for the task. Stealth nanny cams are standalone devices. Unlike wired and wireless nanny cams, stealth cams contain a built-in DVR. Therefore, they do not require an external recording device. The video footage captured by the stealth cam is recorded directly to a Secure Digital Memory card. Invest in a stealth nanny cam with enough memory to record the number of hours you want to capture. It might also be useful to consider purchasing a stealth nanny cam that also features a motion-detector trigger or a timer. In addition, some nanny cams also come with integrated infrared night vision technology that allows the camera to capture video in a dark setting.

Using nanny cams for the elderly can help provide extra assurance to the children of aging parents that their mom or dad is well cared for in their absence.

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