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Public Surveillance Cameras: The Good and Bad


While some people agree that it is a great idea to have surveillance cameras watching everyone in the public place, there are still those that oppose to the whole idea of it. Though this method is very popular and has helped people get evidence for a crime of some sort, can you believe that there is still a debate on this issue?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of public surveillance cameras, according to what common people think about the topic.

Advantages of Public Surveillance Cameras

They Keep People Safe
Many people see that crimes can either be avoided or detected early when there are video surveillance cameras in the presence of business places. Some even know for a fact that when the cameras are noticed by a potential criminal that they avoid causing a crime altogether. They simply keep people in check.

Most people have seen it before; cameras that were present during the time of a crime often provided evidence for the court or police to look at so that they could catch the criminal. Without surveillance cameras, it would be a lot more difficult to catch crooks or acts of violence.


Disadvantages (According to some people) of Using Surveillance Cameras

So let’s find out why some people are actually opposed to surveillance cameras being used for the safety of the public.

Privacy Invasion
Many people hate the feeling of being watched when their shopping or withdrawing money from their bank accounts. To some people this is quite offensive.

Using Images Incorrectly
People feel as though images of them will be captured and used inappropriately for personal use. However for images to be used in this way is against regulations. The only time that images can be used is in the case the police might need evidence for something.

When surveillance cameras are used properly there can be some good aspects about the whole situation. They are very effective in performing the task of monitoring the surroundings of the public place. The negative fact is that it is not completely possible to protect the safety and privacy of people while they are in use in some situations.

It is necessary that you have signs on or near your property that let by passers know that you have cameras near so that they are aware of them. This is required in most places. If the cameras are being used in the work place, then you should always share the policies and procedures with your employees before they start work at that particular place.

Just make sure you know all of your state regulations and requirements before you decide that using surveillance cameras is something that you want to do. Using surveillance cameras can protect you, your family, and your possessions.

Although many people in the public have a disagreement about these cameras watching over them, just think more about what the positive outcome is when you use them.