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Keep businesses safe from the outside in

Small business security cameras act as a barrier against theft and crimes in stores, restaurants and offices, but there are other preventative measures business owners can take to keep their company safe and secure. Do a sweep Inspect all closets, bathrooms and stairwells connected to the property when opening and closing the store to make […]

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Key locations for business security cameras

When owners decide to install small business security cameras for an extra boost of security, it is very important to place them in strategic locations. While certain areas do pose a greater risk than others, camera locations must also comply with privacy regulations. Improper installation can lead to legal action if employees believe their personal privacy is […]

School Security Camera

Three tips for effective school security

Keeping a school safe is an important task for all administrators. Along with a surveillance system, there are three easy ways that law enforcement officials and school administrators can work together to create a comprehensive safety plan, according to Hendon Media Group. Understand the campus As many of the largest security threats are posed by people and […]