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Keep businesses safe from the outside in

Small business security cameras act as a barrier against theft and crimes in stores, restaurants and offices, but there are other preventative measures business owners can take to keep their company safe and secure. Do a sweep Inspect all closets, bathrooms and stairwells connected to the property when opening and closing the store to make […]

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Key locations for business security cameras

When owners decide to install small business security cameras for an extra boost of security, it is very important to place them in strategic locations. While certain areas do pose a greater risk than others, camera locations must also comply with privacy regulations. Improper installation can lead to legal action if employees believe their personal privacy is […]

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Become A Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shoppers, Hidden Cameras And Customer Service With today’s economic situation, competition to get and keep customers is more fierce than ever before. Which makes the mystery shopper’s role even more important today than in the past. The information they collect helps big retail organizations provide additional training and make crucial decisions when it comes to customer […]

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Business CCTV Systems, Security Cameras, and Video Surveillance

Business CCTV systems are a different kind of breed than residential applications. There are several problems that most business owners run into daily. Not having the answers to things like shrink, waste, theft and slip and falls is unacceptable. There are many people that would try anything and you need economies of scale to stay […]