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The Benefits of Hidden Cameras

There are countless reasons to get a hidden camera, and there are even more options when it comes to styles. They can range from stationary cameras that you can post up in the corner of your room or house to body cameras that you can wear on or under your clothing. We’ve all seen the movies […]

Where to Use Hidden Surveillance Cameras

With advancements in technology hidden surveillance cameras are becoming popular, as they are becoming smaller and more powerful. Hidden surveillance camera can be wired or wireless. Wired cameras are directly connected to DVR or VCR whereas wireless cameras transmit their signal to receivers which are connected to DVR or VCR. A hidden camera can be handy in […]

Hidden Camera Laws Explained

Is it Legal to Record Video with a Hidden Camera or “Nanny Cam” in Your Home? Generally speaking, it’s legal in the United States to record surveillance video with a hidden camera in your home without the consent of the person you’re recording. That’s why the use of nanny cams is becoming increasingly common among […]

Nanny Cams for Child Safety

Affordable Peace of Mind for Parents and Guardians These days, it’s almost a given that both parents will be working outside the home, often leaving young children with a nanny or babysitter for hours at a time. In most cases, there are no issues with this arrangement, and the caregivers will perform their duties with […]

Hidden Camera For Elder Care

“Granny Cams” Keep an Eye Out for You They took care of you. Now it’s your turn to take care of them. Whether in their own home, your home or an inpatient facility, leaving your elderly loved ones in the care of another is a troubling proposition. You’re forced to put your faith in people […]

Hidden Camera For Business

Video Solutions for a Critical Business Problem It is estimated that every year, anywhere between 50 and 100 billion dollars is lost as a result of employee theft. A staggering number to be sure, with robberies ranging from high-level fraud to common employee theft. While these figures are pretty astonishing, and on the rise, there […]