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The Pros and Cons of Public CCTV Monitoring

The ever-growing use of CCTV cameras in large city centers is a controversial issue. There is a large gray area regarding the ethics of these security cameras. One side of the argument speaks out about the benefits of a 24/7 video record as a crime deterrent. The other, more outspoken side, argues for the right to […]

CCTV Video Surveillance Security Camera System

Though most of our attention these days is focused on the transition to IP video technology, it’s important to note that analog CCTV security cameras can still be highly effective for many surveillance applications, especially those on a budget. With traditional CCTV security cameras, the video signal is processed and transmitted in analog format for […]

List of CCTV Parts and Accessories

Camera Package * Camera body * Lens * Mounting Bracket * AC Adapter * Cable (or, Wireless Transmitter & Receiver) Combiners * Quad Splitter * Video Switcher * Multiplexer Monitors * Single (Professional) Monitor * Quad Splitter built-in Observation Monitor * Sequential Switcher built-in Observation Monitor Video Recorders * Time Lapse VCR * Digital Video Recorder(DVR) Web Cameras * Web Camera Server * DVR Web […]

What is CCTV?

CCTV, Closed Circuit TeleVision, is a TV system that does not broadcast TV signals to public but transmits them over to limited monitor(s). CCTV system usually utilizes CCD video cameras (to produce the video), cable or wireless transmitters/receivers or Internet (to transmit the video), and monitors (to see the video). CCTV system is not only […]