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Dome / Bullet Security Cameras : Which do I need?

Since I have been in the surveillance industry I have designed systems from residential homes to enterprise class commercial applications with all types of cameras. However, I always seem to come back to what style or type of camera I should be using. The two main most popular and functional types of CCTV cameras are […]

Dome Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Dome Security Camera Dome security cameras are the most professional looking cams in the industry. They have some of the same functionality of many bullet camera models. There are so many different varieties of dome security cameras that work towards different goals in achieving the right video shot. There are […]

Should I use a Dome or Bullet Camera?

Dome Cameras vs Bullet Cameras So what is the big deal about dome and bullet cameras? What are the key differences? How do they compare against each other? Both Dome Cameras and Bullet Cameras basically have the same working parts: a lens, circuit board, chip-set, and casing. So where do they differ? “Should I buy […]

Choosing the Best Nanny Cam to Fit Your Needs

The six overall factors that you should take into consideration when selecting a nanny cam are its features, video quality, recording options, memory capability, intended use and the laws governing its use in your state, though not necessarily in that order. A nanny cam is a hidden video camera system disguised as an everyday household object such as a […]

3 Reasons to Use Dome Security Cameras

You will probably come across dome security cameras each and every time you visit a retail store. Dome security cameras are the small, dome-shaped objects that you see hanging on the ceiling in many retail stores and banks. In most cases, the dome is tinted with a dark color so that you never know what direction the […]

Dummy Security Camera Domes use as Deterrent to Crimes

Dummy security camera domes are some of the most commonly used types of dummy security camera. This is because the security camera domes are more efficient when it comes to recording if there’s a movement of intruder within the entrance of a certain property. Why security camera is important? Security camera or surveillance camera are […]

Indoor Infrared Camera

Indoor infrared security cameras are cameras that just cannot work outside. They are not built with the technology that allows them to take a beating from mother nature’s harsh weather. The models listed here work in any indoor environment. So if you own a home, retail store, restaurant, or if you are a purchasing manager for […]