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Alternative to fake security cameras

There is a large market for fake cameras and we constantly get emails or requests as to where best to buy fake cameras. Though most fake security cameras are not that expensive and can be easily found on Ebay and Amazon you do have another alternative.   Most installers and security distributors have a nice pile of […]

Dummy Security Camera Domes use as Deterrent to Crimes

Dummy security camera domes are some of the most commonly used types of dummy security camera. This is because the security camera domes are more efficient when it comes to recording if there’s a movement of intruder within the entrance of a certain property. Why security camera is important? Security camera or surveillance camera are […]

How to Purchase Fake Security Camera for Commercial Location?

Robbery and thievery are some of the most common crimes these days. Perhaps, they are the effect of rapid increase of poverty and unemployment. Even if the authorities or law enforcement officers do have strict laws and directives to avoid these situations to happen, criminals are criminals. They will do anything just to make their […]

When to Use a Fake Security Camera

Different establishments, homes, public areas, and offices are now using professional security cameras to prevent crimes. However, buying expensive and fully functional cameras is not always the best option. Why spend a hefty amount when you can fool others that you have the real thing? The use of dummy cameras is only advisable when you […]

Home Security Cameras Fake Are Also Effective

Securing your home is one of the important things you should take into consideration. It is important for you to avoid unwanted incidences from happening inside your house. Furthermore, if you know well how you can secure your home, there is certainly no doubt that you, together with your loved ones, will be safe as […]

Understanding Dummy Outdoor Security Camera

Are you interested in purchasing a dummy outdoor security camera? If your answer is a resounding yes, then it is very significant for you to understand this device clearly. This is actually a dummy outdoor camera which is just a fake security camera. Most lawbreakers are smart they know exactly what points to consider when […]

Fake Security Cameras

Fake security cameras are great for CCTV applications that are unsure about whether real security cameras should be bought! We have many customers that have started with a solution like this to deter petty problems. Very popular among residential homes owners. Fake security cameras should only be used originally as a measure to deter behavior, […]