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HD Resolution

What is High Definition? High definition video contains more pixels, and a larger image size, than traditional cameras to ensure you get clear and detailed video. HD cameras are available from many manufacturers and in every camera style (dome, PTZ, fixed, ect) so it’s easy to add high definition to your surveillance system. How High Definition Works […]

HD Surveillance Solutions

High definition surveillance camera system survey, record, and broadcast images in video in high resolution. They are smarter and more effective solutions for surveillance and loss prevention. High resolution images and video allow you to easily identify persons or objects in a scene.  We recommend high definition surveillance systems for point-of-sales monitoring where it is […]

HD Security Cameras

HD-SDI cameras offer all the benefits of Megapixel IP Network cameras without the complicated networking part. These HD security cameras are only compatible with HD-SDI DVRs (Our HD Series of DVRs). These surveillance cameras are capable of 1080p video transmission just like a 2 Megapixel IP camera, but it uses conventional COAX cable like RG59 […]