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Hidden Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Hidden Security Camera Hidden security cameras are cameras made to conceal their presence. All hidden cameras have some sort of small mini pin or micro pin cam inside. They come in all kinds of objects and shapes. The most common are smoke detectors, motion detector cams, pens, exit […]

MP3 Player Camera

Brickhouse Security’s MP3 Player Hidden Camcorder is a serious contender among the tophidden camera recorders since it’s camouflaged as a MP3 player yet works as a perfect recording device. Walking down the street, especially on college campuses, you will see that most people have an MP3 player. They are so commonplace that thinking it might actually be a […]

Motion Sensor Camera

While most of the hidden cameras we reviewed serve a dual functionality, the HD Deceptive Motion Sensor is only a hidden camera. You can’t hook it up to the lights or your security system to act as a typical motion sensor. However, it functions so flawlessly as a camera, with many added features, that it is a great way […]

Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

Having a hidden camera that is covert and blends in with your environment should be the number one feature you look for. No one but a trained agent would suspect MP3 players or watches as recording devices. A working clock is also a great way to disguise a recording device, which is why we like the Mini Alarm […]

Camcorder Pen

py Camera Specialists have released a sneaky hidden camera with their Spy Camcorder Pen. This pen is a hidden camera that is expertly disguised as a fully functional, everyday item. The camcorder pen comes with a few substantial features such as a 2-megapixel lens and the ability to record video and audio simultaneously. While you can use it […]

Key Chain Camera

Your friends will think that this device is just a key chain and won’t expect that it is a hidden camera, but theMini DVR Key Chain Camera will be recording their every move. The conventional design of the key chain helps it to blend in with your environment while recording color video and audio. This specific hidden […]

Pencil Sharpener Camera

Keep your eyes sharp and your pencils sharper. The Wired Pencil Sharpener hidden camera combines a useful, everyday product with the efficiency of a hidden camera. It’s always nice to find a hidden camera that can move effortlessly between two different functions, but this covert camera is lacking simple features. It stands to reason that most pencil sharpeners are […]