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PTZ Cameras : Setting Up a PTZ Camera on a DVR System

PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) cameras give you the ability to remotely move a camera to a position where you can see what is normally out of the camera’s field of view.  There are many makes and models of PTZ cameras available on the market, but all analog PTZ cameras have to be setup the […]

PTZ Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your PTZ Security Camera PTZ security cameras are a very unquie class of security cameras. They feature the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom. There are many different types of ptz cameras. Most classify by their optical zoom capabilities. There are 10X optical zoom ptz cameras, 18X, 27X, 32X and […]

What’s the difference between PTZ and Mini Speed Dome Cameras?

PTZ Verus Mini Speed Dome Cameras PTZ cameras and Mini Speed Dome Cameras are almost the same thing, however, there are some slight differences. PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom. It is an acronym that is used to describe the camera’s capabilities. A PTZ camera is able to be controlled with a remote control or joystick. It […]

PTZ Cameras

What are PTZ Cameras? Cameras with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) allow you to monitor larger areas that would require multiple fixed cameras. By moving to monitor suspicious actions or high-action areas, PTZ cameras offer the security of video surveillance while minimizing installation. How PTZ Cameras Work PTZ cameras come with mechanical parts, […]

PTZ Camera Setup – Outdoor

PTZ Camera Setup & Configuration In order to gain access to the PTZ dip switches to configure the camera’s setting, you must remove the camera from the housing.  The first step is to remove the dome cover of the camera using the allen wrench that came with the camera as seen below. Next, remove the […]

36x Zoom PTZ Cameras

36X Zoom PTZ Cameras Work Best In Commercial & Industrial Environments If you are trying to decide whether a 36X optical zoom PTZ camera will work for you application, you need to know they are made to zoom very far. In fact, they can zoom out to 500 yards and still render a clean cut video feed. […]

30X – 36X Zoom PTZ Cameras

30X to 36X optical zooms in Pant, Tilt, and Zoom cameras are the very highest in the CCTV industry. 30x – 36x Zoom PTZ Cameras are built to magnify out distances of 500 yards. You see these style of surveillance cameras in very dense commercial, industrial, and government environments. Just about anywhere there are large amounts of people, traffic, […]