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CCTV Accessories : Accessorizing…with CCTV!

We all know that it’s fashionable to accessorize, but in the CCTV industry it’s also smart!  When putting together a system, you’ll always need to have your core group of items: security cameras, cables, power, DVR, and connectors. In this article, I’m going to expand upon these items to show you what your system might […]

Don’t Cut It’s Worth Going the Extra Cable

When it comes to Security Cameras and DVR systems, many factors can go into making a precise decision on the items that will make up the whole Unit.  One aspect that seems to be over looked quite a bit is in regards to the Cable. For Analog cameras they tend to use the popular cable […]

Understanding CCTV Cables

Today I want to go over the differences between the two most commonly used cables in the CCTV industry. It’s important to use the right cabling for the right application, because even with the perfect camera setup and perfect DVR – without the right cabling, you’re hosed. The first type of cable that I’m going […]

Varifocal Auto Iris CCTV Camera Lenses

A Security Camera is Nothing without a Good Lens When choosing a lens for your security camera, do your research and choose one that will provide the proper image at the right distance, angle, and light level. Often, you will be looking for avarifocal auto iris lens. What is field of view? Lenses come in […]

Multi-Channel 12V DC Security Camera Power Supplies

Powering Multiple Security Cameras After your security cameras and digital video recorder (DVR) have been chosen for your surveillance system, the next piece of the puzzle is powering everything with a power supply unit (PSU). Powering one to four security cameras One to four cameras can typically be powered either individually or from a single […]

Security Camera Power, Video, and Network Cables

In the security camera world, the type of cables used for different applications can get confusing. In this article, we provide details so you can select the proper security camera cables for your project. RG6, RCA, Cat-5e, Siamese – What Does It All Mean? Lets start with the most typical type of cables used for analog security […]

Vandal Proof Cameras and Accessories

Vandal proof cameras are rough and tough cameras that are designed to withstand harsh weather and mishandling. They are weatherproof which means that they can resist rain, wind, and moisture. Vandal proof dome cameras also come with shock-resistant dome and aluminum body that absorbs vibrations. Vandal-proof cameras are suitable for office and residential buildings, parking areas, […]