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Types of Monitors

B/W Monitor and Color MonitorIn the past, 9 to 12 inch (diagonal) B/W monitors were widely used in the field. These days, many people are looking for 14 inches for color monitor and 17 inches for B/W. As the color monitor needs 3 different color dots to produce one pixel of information on the monitor, […]

List of CCTV Parts and Accessories

Camera Package * Camera body * Lens * Mounting Bracket * AC Adapter * Cable (or, Wireless Transmitter & Receiver) Combiners * Quad Splitter * Video Switcher * Multiplexer Monitors * Single (Professional) Monitor * Quad Splitter built-in Observation Monitor * Sequential Switcher built-in Observation Monitor Video Recorders * Time Lapse VCR * Digital Video Recorder(DVR) Web Cameras * Web Camera Server * DVR Web […]

Top 7 Benefits of an LED Monitor

LED (light emitting diode) security monitors offer a number of advantages over LCD (liquid crystal display) monitors. We’ve compiled a compelling list of benefits to consider making the switch to LED technology. 1. Slim Design LED backlighting allows for a slim, sleek design. LED monitors are much thinner and lighter than LCD monitors because LED monitors do […]