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Are 4ch Security Camera Systems right for me?

When should you purchase a 4ch Security Camera System? One of the many issues with todays smaller systems like the 4ch Security DVR systems is fact that they are based mostly on price. The consumer decides that they want cameras and the first option on that list normally is a 4ch Security Camera System. It then becomes a […]

Digital Video Recorders (DVRS) in Surveillance

Security cameras have come a long way since the early days. Advanced technology, like DVRs,Digital Video Recorders, or NVRs, Network Video Recorders, have replaced most videotape-based systems. Instead of using time-lapse VCRs and multiplexers, a DVR records video on a hard drive. This eliminates the need for tapes and makes the system easy and safe […]

4 Benefits of Having a Digital Video Recording System Installer

Surveillance systems can be extremely handy in providing top-notch security for both residences and businesses. There are several types of systems to choose from depending on the quality and features you feel your protection requires. You may remember the more traditional kind of surveillance that involves cameras and recording tapes that often only work half […]

DVR Recorders – PC Based vs Standalone

Oftentimes I hear the question, “Which is better – PC-based or standalone DVR”?  That is like asking which is better – a mop or a broom?  Or similarly – which is better – a ball-peen hammer or a claw hammer?  The point is that one is comparing two tools, on the surface and at first glance they appear […]

DVR Capture Card Guide: Choosing a DVR Card

In the first part of our DVR capture card guide, we discussed the importance of choosing the card with the desired frame rate and resolution. Plus, we informed the user of some of the major abilities you get with DVR capture cards such as remote viewing and video compression. For part two of our DVR guide, we look at […]

DVR Review

Why Buy a DVR? In the heart of the average American home, there stands a television, glowing with the promise of entertainment. We gather around it, ingesting world news reports, aching for forbidden love and laughing along with our favorite comedians. Believe it or not, there once was a time when catching your favorite show […]

Surveillance DVR FAQ’s

So you are looking to invest into a surveillance DVR? There are many questions that arise when one is trying to understand what they need. People of all backgrounds have very different reasons why they need a surveillance DVR. It is so hard to list all the different CCTV applications we have consulted. In fact, […]