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Why You Need a Nanny Cam

If you have a nanny whom you do not personally know who cares for your young child or children at home, you might wonder if and why you need a nanny cam. There are many reasons to utilize nanny cams, so a better question might be “Why shouldn’t I use a nanny cam?” If you’re thinking about […]

Top Five Reasons to Use a Nanny Cam

We’ve all heard the horror stories on the evening news about perfectly pleasant-looking nannies with great credentials and clean background checks who abuse children. Parents have plenty to worry about, and the situation mentioned above is a parent’s worst nightmare. The fact is that unless your child’s caregiver is a close family member you know […]

Budget Nanny Cams

Trusting other people to care for those we love is difficult to do these days. It would be great to figure out a way to be there yourself, but what can you do? There is a certain kind of camera you can install in your home that solves this problem for you by giving you […]

Nanny Cams: The Legality of Covert Surveillance

Parents, especially new ones, often have concerns about leaving their child with a hired caregiver. To ease their parental anxiety and ensure the child’s safety, many use nanny cams to discreetly monitor the provider’s behavior and actions towards their child. But these covert cameras have a far broader application than just monitoring child-provider interactions; they are ideal […]

Babysitter Camera

A babysitter camera, sometimes called a nanny cam, spy camera or security camera, is a small, discreet video camera that is disguised as a common household object. There is a wide range of baby sitter camera types so prices and functionality vary greatly. However, a babysitter camera is good idea if you’re planning on hiring a nanny […]

Baby Video Monitor Review

Why Use Video Baby Monitors? Parenting has never been easy, and tools that lighten are always welcome. Video baby monitors are just such a tool. These units will allow you to multi-task as you watch over your sleeping baby, or give you a moment to relax, as your baby plays peacefully nearby. They are particularly […]