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Are Wireless Cameras Really That Convenient?

Most people are under the impression that wireless cameras are a quick easy fix.  Most people’s thoughts are “They’re wireless, they have to be easy and quick, right?.”  But, looks can be deceiving.  The installation of wireless cameras is far from quick and easy.  Mainly, people who request wireless cameras want them for the outside of their […]

Should You Choose Wireless?

If you’ve ever considered wireless cameras as a solution to your home or business security application, you may have discovered that “wire-less” does not equate to “less money” or “no wires”.  It always leaves me puzzled when I receive a call looking for something “simple, easy to install, inexpensive, and oh yeah – wireless”.  The terms ‘inexpensive’ […]

Problems with Wireless Camera Systems

The field of CCTV is truly amazing.  Who would have ever thought that you could view an image from a surveillance camera on a cell phone!  To me that is just awesome.  There is even software that will send you a message to alert you when a camera loses connection.  With all these amazing features that are […]

Bridging Time and Space With Wireless Cameras

While people commonly use wireless cameras for security purposes, they have many uses. These stand-alone devices, which connect directly to a wireless local area network (LAN), allow someone in Britain, for instance, to conduct surveillance or communicate in real time with someone in the United States. To help consumers and businesses find the best wireless […]

Cutting Curb Appeal: Deter Burglars with the Right Gear

The burglars that may prowl your neighborhood are looking for the easiest target they can find. There are many ways to make your home a less-attractive target. A small investment now can protect your belongings and your sense of security. One obvious way to deter criminals is to invest in a security system. The right […]

Wireless Cameras Aren’t as Secure as You Might Think

There are many reasons individuals choose to implement wireless cameras. One of the most common reasons people use wireless cameras is as part of a nanny cam system. Many parents feel that a nanny cam is the only way to be completely sure that their children are safe and happy at home when they are away at work. […]

Protecting Your Wireless Nanny Cam from Interception

While wireless nanny cams can be a source of great security to parents who depend on in-home childcare providers, it should be stressed that these systems are not without their drawbacks. Parents can feel safe about their children, and can even check on them at a moment’s notice, thanks to wireless interaction with an office computer of […]