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Quick Tips for Home Security System

Alright, so you have decided to install a home security system at home.  That’s one of the best decisions that you may have made in a long time. But a visit to the security store tells you that you have very little information about the seemingly limitless number of options available in burglar alarms and […]

Viewing your CCTV Cameras over the Internet | Network DVR

This article covers the configuration found with the stand alone DVR systems found here. Surveillance experts have long made the switch from tape-based and TL video recording. The technology in use for the current generation of videos cameras is the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). One popular feature of a Network based DVR is the ability to […]

How to Install a Home Security Camera – Surveillance Systems

“Home security camera” is a broad term, it includes nanny cameras, hidden cameras, outdoor cameras, Wi-Fi-IP cameras etc… This article covers conventional CCTV (close- circuit television) system. CCTV system consists of cameras, cables (if wired), transmitters & receivers (if wireless), a DVR (digital video recorder) and a monitor. Most of DVRs come with network capability where […]

Security Cameras Types

With many technological advances taking place over the years, and increasing crime rates, the progress made in the field of security and surveillance has been considerable. What started as a simple concept, requiring a single camera and a video tape, has now become an intricate network of multiple cameras, timers, recording devices, and other additional […]

Security Cameras for Home Security Systems

Choosing the Right Security Camera Choosing the right type of security camera for your home security system can be a difficult decision. You need to consider where the camera will be located, as well as what your goals for the security cameras are. For example, if you are looking for a simple unobtrusive camera and […]

Checklist for security camera systems

When looking for a video surveillance system, consider the following. 1 B/W or Color? Color Cameras are more popular, due to their clearer identifications. But, in low light conditions, B/W cameras are more ideal, because they generally require less illumination. Newer models of Day/Night cameras work as color camera during daytime and B/W at night. 2 […]

What is Web Camera?

Web Camera (Web Camera Server, or Network Camera) is a CCTV Camera with built-in network video server so that you can connect it to a network line such as DSL or T-1 for the Internet or LAN. When you assign an IP address to the camera, you can see the camera’s video at any place where the network line is available. One […]