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Spy Camera Earphones

If you want an inconspicuous hidden camera that serves another purpose as well, consider the Spy Earphone Camera from Brickhouse Security. These earbuds are one of the more compact options for covert hidden cameras and can give you the chance to record video within seconds. Whether you are a catching some breaking news or trying to find out who stole your stuff, the spy earphones, though not rich with extra features, will help you get that footage.


The great thing about this hidden camera is it doesn’t just look like earphones – they actually play music like normal earbuds. The headphones put out 75 ohms, which is standard for mid-range headphones. Then, with the push of a button, which is on another cable, you can begin recording video. There are a few extra cables that you will have to work with such as the switching cables, to switch between music and recording, and a battery holder.

The recording quality isn’t fantastic; it records at a low-quality resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. This can make it tough if you are trying to record things at great distances, so the closer you can get to your subject, the better your video quality. The field of view may seem low (66. 5 degrees) but for the size of the device, this is actually a good field of view for recording.

This hidden camera does lack a few essential tools that we would love to see in their next version. The spy earphones cannot take pictures or record audio. Also, you will not be able to plug the device directly into your computer to view your videos. Another disadvantage to this device is you will need to buy an external DVR to record anything. What does set this hidden camera apart as an effective recording tool is its design. Since it looks like normal earbuds, no one will ever suspect that they are being recorded. The camera also records in color at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. This will give you clear viewing of video later on. This camera also comes with a switch to turn the camera on and off and RCA cables so you can view the video on your TV.

The Spy Earphone Camera is one of the ultimate body-worn covert surveillance cameras since the earphones are such an everyday item for people. Should you encounter any technical problems with the device, Brickhouse Security will be there to help. The camera has a 90-day warranty and a lifetime of tech support. Since this product comes with a few extra accessories, they have a how-to guide that can help you get started and troubleshoot any recording issues.

There aren’t many extra features to speak of on the Spy Earphone Camera. It lacks audio recording and the ability to take still images, and you have to buy your own external DVR to record anything. However, the convenience of this device is what makes it worth using. The design of the headphones is sleek and modern, not bulky or attention-grabbing. The switcher conveniently allows you to switch from listening to recording seamlessly. If you can tolerate a few extra cables to record, then this hidden camera is for you.