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Spy Cameras: Surveillance Uncovered

Spy cameras are not just for government surveillance anymore. Many people are finding more and more uses for covert video recording. From parents concerned for their children’s safety to extreme sports enthusiasts, hidden spy or nanny cameras can be a great tool for capturing coveted video footage. Depending on the type of video you want to capture, you will want to consider the various spy cam models and their respective functions carefully to ensure you get that all-important recording when opportunity knocks. Each situation merits an entirely different type of camera to suit a specific need; you’ll want to have a hidden camera that is well suited for the occasion.

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For this discussion, we will look specifically at body-worn spy cameras. These spy cameras come in an array of models and are all small, lightweight and waterproof. Sports enthusiasts find the use of a helmet-mounted spy camera an irreplaceable piece of equipment that they can use to relive their experiences repeatedly.

Students and business professionals alike have found the use of lapel spy cameras vital for recording important lectures to review later. Many investigators would have been lost without a covert spy camera, such as the 1950s’ Lucky Strike cigarette spy camera used during in the Cold War. Creativity abounds in the housings used to conceal modern-day spy cameras. You can purchase mini wireless spy cameras in stylish eyeglasses, watches and business pagers.

Features to Consider

Spy cameras’ features are always evolving, and have come a long way from the Lucky Strike model, which offered only 20 possible exposures on 16mm film. Today’s rechargeable models include CMOS full-color sensor mode, frame rates of 30FPS (frames per second) for smooth video playback and removable SD memory cards for greater memory storage and easier PC compatibility. Other features to consider are the type of mounting brackets provided to ensure that they are suitable for your particular type of covert recording. Additionally, a real-time clock (RTC) is of utmost importance if you need to document the actual time the recording was captured.

Body Worn Spy Camera Must-haves

Truly vital features you’ll want to compare when shopping for a body worn spy camera are its battery life, lux ratio and memory capabilities. The last thing you’ll want to do is get in the moment of full acceleration and lunge from a high ski jump to figure out later that your mini spy cam battery had already died. Nor would you want to get two hours into an undercover investigation and later realize that your memory card reached its capacity a half hour earlier, or that the lux ratio wasn’t strong enough to capture clear video in the dark bar where you were working undercover. Consider the exact needs you have and thoroughly weigh all the potential possibilities ahead of time to make sure that you can capture those precious moments securely.

Don’t Blow Your Cover

Finally, when it comes to covert surveillance, your cover is everything. One important thing to note is that most mini spy cameras have a red light that indicates that they are currently recording when it is lit. While most specialty housings, such as a pen, ensure that this light is facing you and not the person under your watchful eye (granted the pen is placed correctly in your shirt pocket), it still merits concern to thoroughly check out the model you choose and know how this indicator light works before you actually plan your mission.

Spy cameras are an easy way to capture vital video footage in those unique moments of life when you just have to get it on film. Take a little extra care to suit yourself well with precise gear that is ideal for your specific needs, and you’ll be glad that you did.