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Streaming Live Video from Your House to Your Office

No matter how well you think you know your nanny, there is no better way to guarantee your child’s safety than by using a nanny cam. Nanny cams have prevented abusive situations from escalating many, many times in pretty much all areas of the world. Nannies who are qualified, have great references, pass background checks and by all measures impress and comfort worrisome mothers have been caught abusing a child by nanny cams. Nanny cams truly do play an important role in protecting the lives and well-being of small, innocent children.


Beyond this worst-case scenario where abuse is caught on camera, many more nannies are caught on spy cameras not doing the jobs they are paid very well to do. For instance, say you hire a nanny and pay her a higher hourly rate because she has a college degree in early childhood education and says she will spend lots of time teaching your toddler basic language and mathematical skills. This sounds great, but when you view the footage on your nanny cam, you find that she is instead plopping your child in front of the TV all day long. Or you may find that your nanny spends hours a day talking on her cell phone or texting, or that she is not preparing the healthy meals and snacks you want for your child, but rather appeasing him or her with junk foods. There are a number of situations wherein nanny cams are very useful. That being said, the best types of nanny cams are capable ofstreaming live video.

The Best Nanny Cams & Streaming Live Video

Streaming live video from your home to your office via wireless cameras is the ultimate way to protect your child that offers the greatest peace of mind. Streaming live video means that you can check in on your child at any time, virtually anywhere, in real time. It’s as if you just walked in through your front door to check in on your nanny and child but you are completely invisible.

Nanny cams that are capable of streaming live video stop child abuse in its tracks. There are several cases in which moms or dads logged in to view the live video stream from their nanny cams and watched as their nannies abused their children. As horrible as this is for any parent to see, these parents were able to leave work right away, get in their cars to drive home and fire their nannies, and take the video footage to the police as evidence. Children in this situation are protected immediately from further abuse.

Streaming Live Video is Easy

How to go about streaming live video from your home to your office can be very easy depending on the type of camera you buy. Some wireless cameras have partner websites that the camera automatically uploads footage to for you to view online. These solutions are plug-and-play and are the priciest options.

There are several other ways you can stream live video from your home. All solutions require a wireless camera. You can stream video through Windows Live (a video-conferencing application) with a little know-how. There are also several apps for smartphones that you can set up to connect wirelessly to your nanny cam so you can view your home on your phone no matter where you go. Whichever option you choose, streaming live video is the best way to set up your nanny cams.