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Top Five Reasons to Use a Nanny Cam

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We’ve all heard the horror stories on the evening news about perfectly pleasant-looking nannies with great credentials and clean background checks who abuse children. Parents have plenty to worry about, and the situation mentioned above is a parent’s worst nightmare. The fact is that unless your child’s caregiver is a close family member you know and trust, even excellent credentials and a clean background cannot guarantee that you’ve chosen the right nanny. We all have instincts and intuition, but it’s impossible to know for certain that the nanny you hire is the right person for the job. People can be deceptive, and our instincts can fail to assess them accurately. It’s also a fact that today’s economy requires most families to have two incomes, leaving parents no choice but to hire a nanny. There are many reasons to use a nanny cam, but here are the top five reasons to use a nanny cam:

  1. Ensure your children’s safety. In the rare case that your child is being abused, a nanny cam will clue you in right away. Otherwise, abusive situations can last for a long time without parents having any idea that something is awry.
  2. Stop worrying. Most parents would die for their kids in a heartbeat, and leaving their small, helpless, innocent child for whom they care so greatly in the care of a complete stranger is a source of unceasing worry for many parents. There is no need to worry; a nanny cam allows you to monitor your child at all times. You can know whether your children are treated appropriately and take immediate action to protect them if necessary.
  3. Feel in control. Having a nanny cam also gives parents a feeling of control. Leaving your children with a nanny you do not personally know well involves giving up control of what’s happening to them on a moment-by-moment basis. Some nanny cams allow you to log in remotely from a work computer and view what’s happening in your home in real time, anytime.
  4. Get the best childcare. Perhaps when you interviewed your nanny, she described with enthusiasm how much she teaches the children she watches. She might even have a teaching degree, so you decide to pay extra for her services. When no one is watching, she could sit your child in front of the TV all day and talk on the phone or browse Facebook instead of educating your child. Nanny cams can alert you to situations like this one, allowing you to make sure you get what you pay for from the nanny you hire.
  5. Prevent theft. Having a nanny cam in your home can also make your house more secure overall. You can tell whether your nanny is stealing your valuables and monitor cleaning crews, repairmen and any other stranger who has access to your house when you’re not home.

Leaving your child with a nanny whom you do not personally know and trust can be a scary thing. However, you don’t need to worry about your child’s safety when you use a nanny cam. Nanny cams have alerted parents to abusive situations and helped them deal with the problem immediately. The top five reasons to use a nanny cam all put you, as parents, back in control of your children.