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Using Surveillance Cameras for Home Security


The use of surveillance cameras for home security has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is primarily because the cost of implementing such a system is lower than it ever has been. The improvement in hidden camera technology in nanny cams has also played a big part.

However, if there is one remaining problem for consumers, it is that there are so many different types of surveillance cameras available. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular choices for surveillance cameras for homes and the reasons people use them to secure their houses.

Covert Cameras

Wireless Home Security

Wireless home security systems are generally fairly straightforward to install. They offer a lot of flexibility because you can move the cameras quickly and easily without any rewiring. They include some of the latest surveillance technologies and can easily connect to your home network. Many now come with built-in Wi-Fi receivers that let you monitor the video your cameras capture over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Wired Cameras

Use a wired security camera if you don’t need to move the camera around your house and want to save money. Wired hidden cameras can be discreet like a bullet camera or versatile and inconspicuous like a dome camera. Wired cameras also mean that there is less of a chance that you will lose the signal or suffer any radio interference with your picture, but you should be aware that some require professional installation.

Night Vision

If you are worried about outdoor intruders at night, you should definitely consider installing a home surveillance camera that has a night-vision mode. These ultra-sensitive cameras allow you to see in total darkness, but they only record in black and white. Many outdoor surveillance cameras for home security record in color during the day and automatically switch to an infrared night-vision mode when the sun goes down.

Fake Cameras

You can set up one or more dummy cameras to deter casual intruders as long as they look realistic. Fake cameras come in all shapes and sizes and are very affordable. They give the illusion that your property is protected better than it actually is, and should therefore always be mounted in a visible location for the best effect. If money is tight, this is a great first step toward creating your own home-security solution.


Regardless of which camera system you choose to invest in, the peace of mind that hidden cameras for homes offer is hard to match with other security options. They are definitely a worthwhile deterrent for would-be thieves and could well be the best way to catch criminals red-handed. If you are in the market for surveillance cameras for home defense, the options discussed above are a great place to start.