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Where to buy Garmin GPS in Vietnam ?

Where to buy Garmin GPS in Vietnam ?

Where to buy Garmin GPS in Vietnam

HighMark Security distributes Garmin GPS products in Vietnam

We provide various of brand and type of GPS, start from GPS handheld even portable, GPS Navigation with accuracy start from 15 meters and also Geodetic GPS also has accuracy up to 2 milimeter, or GPS mobile mapper with accuracy at 20 cm.

Besides GPS we also provide extra equipment for survey like for example theodolite, Total Station, Automatic Level, Laser Distancemeter, Binocular, Compass, Altimeter, Anemometer, Magnifiers, Waterproof Survey Notebook, Measuring and Clinometer from Suunto, Leica Geosystem, Brunton, Silva, Magnifiers from Bausch and Lomb, etc.

For products that need delivery we will deliver using Tiki with insurance, if you want to see all the above products please come to showroom alatsurvey most complete in Vietnam:

HighMark Security

  • Headquater: 2nd Floor, DANANG SOFTWARE PARK Building, 02 Quang Trung St., Danang city, Vietnam
  • Showroom: 07 Ham Nghi St, Thanh Khe Dist, Danang City, Vietnam
  • Tel: +84 5113690089
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