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Wireless Home Surveillance Systems Review

Why Buy a Wireless Home Surveillance System?


Safe. This word is the epitome of how we want to feel in the warmth of our home. We want to be safe from burglary, safe from outside influences, and safe from fire, flood and other environmental elements. A wireless home security system is the answer to all of these safety concerns. Home surveillance systems aren’t just for those in unsafe areas; they are designed to add an extra wall of protection for every circumstance – inside and out of your home. Wireless internal sensors warn of interior floods, carbon monoxide and smoke. Other detectors monitor your windows, recessed doors and garage doors. Best of all, the top wireless home surveillance systems have mobile apps and external video access to check on your home when you’re away. To help you pick the right surveillance system for your home, we’ve written articles on wireless home surveillance systems to help you narrow down the selection.

Because wireless home surveillance systems are managed with a contract-based, monthly subscription, you need to know what you’re getting into before signing on the dotted line. You don’t want to be roped into a three-year contract with a system and company you don’t like. Our favorites are FrontPoint Security, Protect America andSafeMart. These three wireless home surveillance systems exceeded our expectations in monitoring services, security devices, and help and support:

Monitoring Services
Once a wireless home surveillance system is installed in your home, you will have 24-hour monitoring of doors, windows, smoke detectors and more. You can monitor your home’s safety with the in-home security unit and extraneously when you’re away from home. The best surveillance systems have cellular or internet access to your home security cameras. Through an online portal, you can monitor your home while at work, watch the kids come home from school, or simply check up on things when away on vacation. Some even have an app you can download to your phone for instant access. Because the units are installed in multiple rooms in your home, some are equipped with a two-way intercom where you can communicate with your security company. This is an especially great service if you live alone.

Security Devices
Look for a wireless home surveillance system that has multiple security devices in the initial unit – no add-ons required. You’ll want smoke detectors, heat and freeze sensors, and flood protection for internal protection. You’ll also want sensors on all of your doors and windows, including your garage door. Motion detectors, security cameras and glass break sensors are also must-haves.

Help & Support
When you have a wireless home surveillance system installed in your home, it is essential to have good help and support from the surveillance company. They are the ones after all who will be responding to any alarms from your unit. Make sure the company you choose has online support resources and responsive support representatives. We gave higher priority to those companies that provided live chat, online tutorials and a phone support option.

Life is full of the unexpected. Instead of being caught off guard by fire, burglary or carbon monoxide, be prepared with a wireless home surveillance system. Not only will a surveillance system protect your family from harm, it will give you an added sense of safety when you’re away from home.