CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

10X to 18X Zoom PTZ Cameras


10X Optical Zoom PTZ cameras are simply pan, tilt, and zoom cameras that have a 10X or 18X optical zoom lens. 10x PTZ security cameras can zoom out to about 200 yards max and an 18X lens can do 250 yards out.

18X Zoom Is A Step Above 10X PTZ Cameras

If you are looking to take your distance to a whole different level without spending a ton of money, try an 18X zoom security camera. Truthfully, 18X with the right lighting will enable you to zoom out in detail to about 200 yards and 250 yards for more overview style security. Again the only major difference here is the magnification of the lens. We carry a few different models that will work indoors or outdoors.