16 Camera System Camera Systems

16 Camera Security Systems

16 camera security systems were designed for very large properties, including large businesses and commercial properties (and possibly a very large home). The majority of these commercial security cameras are sold to large businesses who need assistance in monitoring large properties. These camera systems will do just that. With proper placement of the security cameras, you should have no problem covering your entire property.

You can place the commercial security cameras of these 16 camera security systems in a variety of different places. It is common practice to first install the cameras where there is a high amount activity. Once that is covered, you will want to install these cameras in various entrances and exits of your building (if you have a building). Luckily many of the security camera packages come with outdoor and indoor cameras allowing you to be diverse with your camera placement.

The 16 camera security systems will come included with everything you need, including a Falco Pro Series DVR. The 16 channel DVR comes included with 500GB of hard drive space. These DVR’s allow you to store the footage of your commercial security cameras and review them in near perfect quality.

At Security-Cameras.com we offer customizable 16 camera security systems. Just give our sales team a call and they will be happy to assist you in putting together a security system that fits your needs.

Since these 16 camera surveillance systems were designed for the DIY “Do-It-Yourselfer” you should have no issue during installation. It does not require any excessive technical skills to install these systems. Simply follow the instructions and being monitoring your property in no time!

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