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3 Benefits of Sony Effio Security Cameras

The demand for higher resolution cameras is on the rise in the analog arena. People are trying to be cost effective, but at the same time still get the performance of a megapixel camera. Thus, Sony has entered the ring with Sony Effio (Enhanced Features and Fine Image Processor) chipsets and CCD chips, and which are quickly becoming more and more popular.


But are there any true advantages of choosing a camera that carries this type of technology, or is it just a marketing gimmick taking advantage of a constantly evolving and often confusing tech industry?  In our testing, we’ve discovered three main benefits to Sony Effio chipsets embedded inside analog cameras:

  • Resolution – It has been stated that the worst IP camera is 10X better than the best analog camera. However, Sony Effio technology draws upon a new method of digital signal processing. It uses the combo method of an image by combining 650TVL (TV Lines) with newly developed CCD image sensors of 960H (represents the number of effective pixels in the horizontal direction of the CCD image sensor). This now, in some cases, makes Sony Effio cameras good for detail-requiring tasks, like facial recognition or observing license plates.
  • Enhanced Features – Wide dynamic range is built into the Sony Effio chipset. In basic terms, WDR is going from bright to dark in an image. It’s an important viewing factor, because a sensor with outstanding WDR can accurately capture varying light, and thus make the image more detailed and visible. Having the correct amount of light is probably the most important aspect of security surveillance.
  • IR Illumination – Night vision is a top-requested feature when considering the changing environment in which a security camera will be placed.  Since the resolution for Sony Effio cameras are so high (650 or higher) this now allows this camera to provide a low lux of .001 and provide an illumination length of 100 ft. or better.