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7 Ways To Secure Your Home Before Going On Holiday

The euphoria of being able to jet off on holiday and get away from it all is something we all crave and look forward to. I’m sure our employer’s would love to see us race to work, the way we do the airport to ensure we are well on time for our flight. However in the midst of this holiday hedonism, we can forget to ensure all is well at home before departure. Leaving your house like you would before a day at work is not always enough. So take a look at our top tips so that you do not ruin your holiday by coming back to find your home not quite as you left it.


1) Do Not Tip Criminals Off
You might want to tell all your friends how excited you are about your upcoming holiday by posting a tweet or updating your status on Facebook. What you are actually doing is announcing that your house will be unattended for a length of time whilst you are away.

2) Remove Your Spare Key
Criminals will have plenty of time to search for your key whilst you are not there. Then they are free to unlock and leisurely go through the contents of your home.

3) Hit the Lights
Make sure you switch your lights off before you go away to avoid a high electricity bill and also because it will look a little suspicious if your bedroom light is blazing through the night for a week or so. You can purchase a special light switch or lamp timer which will come on and switch off according to a specific time. This will make it appear like you are in the house when it gets darker during the evening. Better to be safe than sorry?

4) Unplug
Unplug appliances in case of power surges. Save yourself some money as well by switching off.

5) Keep the Hot Water Flowing
If you’re going away in the winter time, your pipes could freeze up if they do not get warmed up once in a while. Just make sure the heating comes on for a couple of hours a day or ask a friend to pop round for a shower to avoid a costly problem when you get home.

6) Step Away from the Curtains
You might think closing curtains so that nobody can look inside is a good idea, but actually it can just draw attention to your home! So try to leave them exactly as you normally would.

7) Rope in a Neighbor
What better way to gain peace of mind by having your neighbor pop round every day or so? They may be watering your plants and feeding the fish already, but they can also bring in your post so that an obvious pile does not attract criminals and be on hand in case other emergencies occur such as alarms ringing. If you are not friendly with your neighbor, bribe a friend with a promise of a holiday souvenir or maybe it’s time you did get to know your neighbor!

Follow these tips for a happy return from your skiing holiday in the Alps, your African safari or your romp in the countryside.