CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

8 Camera Security Systems

There are many different uses for an 8 camera security system. These medium sized systems are perfect for a large home or business. By selecting the correct places to install the security cameras, every inch of your property will be protected. If you choose to install a security system of this size in your home, you can have every entrance covered as well as your garage, and various places around your property.

These 8 camera security systems can also be installed at a business property. This system is large enough to cover a fairly big business property in its entirety. Even if the business has a large warehouse, 8 cameras should be enough to bring your business security to a whole new level. Our professional sales team can assist you in deciding where the best places to install the cameras are.

Another great use of 8 camera security systems is inside an office building. This allows for managers to keep an eye on their employees during office hours, or for a security professional to watch over your offices at night.

The versatile 8 camera surveillance systems which offers are some of the best security systems on the market. You can select from a large variety of cameras including infrared, weatherproof, dome, bullet, and many other types of security cameras. It is important to us that you keep your home or business properly monitored at all times of the day, which is why we offer our 8 camera security systems at such a competitive price.

Along with the cameras you will also receive and 8 channel DVR with a 500GB hard drive which will record all of the footage your cameras capture.