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9 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure

As a business owner, you know that securing your business is one of your top priorities. Your business is your livelihood; it is your realized dream. You have worked too hard to lose your business to a physical or cyber security breach. Security cameras are good start in securing your business, but they aren’t the only type of surveillance you should employ. Keeping your business and your employees safe must remain in the forefront of your mind, because businesses face new security threats every day. Below I’ve compiled a list of useful suggestions for keeping your business secure.


Keep a Watchful Eye

Secure the outer and inner perimeters of your business property because you can’t be everywhere at once. You need surveillance cameras on the outside and inside of your building. Do not shy away from monitoring your internal space; more businesses lose money to employee theft than any other type of security threat. ApexCCTV security cameras feeding in to a PC-based security DVR system gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on all activity 24/7, discouraging theft and break-ins.

Light Things Up

Keep the external portion of your business property adequately lit during nighttime hours. ApexCCTV cameras have night vision, but your employees and thieves do not. For employee safety, and as an added layer of security, invest wisely in adequate outdoor lighting with solar timers. The lights will turn on automatically, and shine bright on anyone walking to their cars or thinking about breaking in.

Secure Your Network

Business security shouldn’t stop once you’ve installed the CCTV cameras and related monitoring equipment. Computer hackers and employees can do just as much damage electronically. Secure your computer network with a reliable firewall, because cyber threats are the new security threat, and businesses have suffered tremendously from external hackers and internal employee Internet abuse.

Encrypt Your Data

While you are securing your computer network, make certain to encrypt all of your data just in case a well-tooled hacker breaks through your firewall. Encrypt everything, especially personnel files, because hackers might not be interested so much in your business’ data as they are in your employees’ Social Security numbers.

Monitor Hardware and Software

Regularly review what hardware and software your company has downloaded on its network and individual workstations. Make certain nothing unauthorized got through your firewall. Don’t just look at what’s on your network. Look at each desktop or laptop to ensure your employees are downloading stuff directly to their C-drives.

Filter Email

Install an email filtering system, as well. This will prevent email hacks and the Trojans and worms that sometimes sneak their way through your firewall via email attachments. It also helps you monitor your employees’ email activity, which might become a necessary evil if you suspect they are too busy e-fighting with their significant others instead of working.

Ensure Activity is All Business

Make certain that all office and security equipment is being used for business only. It’s tempting to use your business laptop for personal reasons. Don’t. You need to ensure all of your business equipment, including your security equipment, sticks to business and only business. This prevents downloading potentially dangerous stuff you don’t need on your office network and equipment.

Keep Everything Up to Date

Once you’ve invested in a comprehensive business security system, make certain everything remains updated. Your security cameras, monitoring equipment, network programming, and all related hardware and software must be updated when necessary with the latest patches. New threats are released daily; this is why updates are released daily as well.

Write it Out

Put your entire business security plan in writing and present it to all of your employees. You also need to put signage outside notifying potential thieves that they are under surveillance. Notifying your employees of your surveillance policy prevents lawsuits. Notifying thieves of your surveillance cameras prevents break-ins.

Securing your business is securing your dream. You need to protect what you’ve already built, as well as protect your future growth. Using the proper security cameras throughout your business property, and securing and monitoring all electronic activity, gives your business the layers of protection it needs to succeed. It also gives you the peace of mind you need to go home at night, spend some quality time with your family, and sleep soundly, resting assured everything is secure at the office.