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One of the scariest occurrences can happen while coming home from a long trip or vacation. You open the door to find that your home has been ransacked by an intruder who knew you’d be out for an extended period of time. These times are never fun, and you feel violated and vulnerable. Dealing with such hardship does not have to happen to you. If you install an emergency auto dialer security system in your home, you will be notified of the intruder’s breach before any damage is done. Your home can be protected while you’re away.

What Is an Emergency Auto Dialer Security System?

An emergency auto dialer is a security device that automatically calls you cellphone in the event that the alarm has been tripped. The alarm can be tripped through several sensors such as:

Door Sensor

Wire Sensor

Motion Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Beam Sensor

Utilizing the benefits of each option, you will be able to completely cover you home in security measures, making it very difficult to breach undetected.


The Advantages

There are several security systems that are available, which run from the services of a firm who installed it. The system notifies the firm in the event of a problem, and then it calls the authorities and emergency personnel. This is, by far, the most efficient security system, as it is installed and run by professionals. The drawback is that it is very expensive and requires a high monthly payment for protection.

The emergency auto dialer does not run from a firm, but it rather runs independently. Now, you will not have the advantage of being monitored by a professional security company, but you will be notified by cellphone in the event that your home has been intruded upon.

For what you can get with an emergency auto dialer system, it is one of the best value security installations for use in the home. Not only can you keep your home automatically monitored, but you can also be notified when there is something wrong. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you can receive calls, you can be notified if there is an intruder.

In Summary

At a glance, this is one of the most advanced security systems that are available to homeowners, yet it can still be bought in most cases for under $200. In addition to that, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee (except for perhaps the phone service of the installation itself).

Also, you will be saving on the initial installation, since you will be doing all the work. As long as you know where the most crucial entry points are, your emergency auto dialer system will be virtually impossible to avoid or bypass.

With an emergency auto dialer system, you can have piece of mind that if your home is ever breached, you will be the first to know about it. Now, you can finally go back to enjoying your vacation.