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Air Freshener Camera

We all like to have fresh smelling air, and with the Air Wick Air Freshener hidden camera, you can have fresh air and still monitor what is going on around your home or office. This is one of the few hidden cameras that is wireless and runs on rechargeable batteries. While its stand-alone design makes it look inconspicuous to any suspects, it does lack a few of the additional features that you might be looking for in a hidden camera, such as motion detection and the ability to take still images.


The main point of a hidden camera is that it functions as both a camera and the device it’s disguised as. This air freshener will do both those things. With an interchangeable air freshener cartridge that you can plug in, it will keep your room smelling fresh and clean while making sure everything around the room is safe. This hidden camera, though, does fall short of some of its peers. There is no internal memory. Anything recorded has to be sent to a separate wireless DVR, which is not included. You also do not get any audio recorded along with the video, and you cannot take still images.

What does bump it up a bit are the recording features. Video is recorded at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, which may not seem great, but video can be recorded with virtually no light and will look good enough to point out any culprits. It has a wide-angle lens that has a viewing range of 80 degrees. The frame rate is typical, 30 frames per second, and each video is stamped with the time and date.

Automatic air fresheners are very common, so this hidden camera is perfectly disguised in any location. It is a fully functional air freshener that will distribute any scent you want every half hour, but it will also keep a close eye on the surroundings.

This is another product from Brickhouse Security, so customer assistance is always top-notch. They recently updated their blog, and although it doesn’t really help with technical issues for their products, the blog helps teach you strategic locations for placing any spy camera you purchase. The air freshener camera has a 90-day warranty, and you can get assistance either through live chat, email or by the telephone.

The Air Wick Air Freshener conveniently disguises its hidden camera under the mask of an everyday air freshener. These automatic air fresheners are very common, so this specific hidden camera will fit into most environments around the house or office. The camera is equipped with a motion detector so you can conserve battery power, and all the while the camera will make the place smell as fresh as flowers. Unfortunately, there is no internal storage, so you will have to purchase an extra unit —a wireless DVR – in order to make use of this camera. Wireless may be convenient, but looking for more devices isn’t.