CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Alternative to fake security cameras

There is a large market for fake cameras and we constantly get emails or requests as to where best to buy fake cameras. Though most fake security cameras are not that expensive and can be easily found on Ebay and Amazon you do have another alternative.



Most installers and security distributors have a nice pile of cameras that they have replaced over the years from service calls or warranty replacements. A lot of these cameras are not repaired or sent back to factory and simply lay around for spare parts or collect dust. Ask your local installer or security distributer to give you any cameras that they have laying around that no longer work. These cameras will work perfectly as fake cameras and best of all they actually look real. Many of the fake cameras actually look fake and defeat the purpose altogether.

Used cameras work the best because they look worn and tend to match the elements. Chances are your local security provider has quite a few different models you can choose from and hopefully they will let you have them free of charge. After all, you are more likely to go back to them for real cameras in the future given that they were nice enough to help you out.