CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Angle of View


Security cameras all have different lens embedded into their circuitry; some have a 4mm lens, 6mm lens, 8mm lens, or varifocal lens. Like the zoom on any photographic camera, when you zoom in the field of view tightens and the angle of view narrows. You will be able to see more distance when you zoom in, but you will lose the panoramic view.

A smaller millimeter lens (one not zoomed in very far) will have a wider angle of view than a larger millimeter lens. Larger millimeter lenses (zoom lenses) have very tight field-of-vision.

Field of view is important concept to CCTV applications. Depending on the application, you will need to see wide angles to watch worker activities, theft, safety violations, and many other areas of concern.

You can also use our security camera lens calculator, to determine what lens size you really need from a security camera.