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Are 4ch Security Camera Systems right for me?

When should you purchase a 4ch Security Camera System? One of the many issues with todays smaller systems like the 4ch Security DVR systems is fact that they are based mostly on price. The consumer decides that they want cameras and the first option on that list normally is a 4ch Security Camera System. It then becomes a price game to pick the least expensive system they can find. The problem I see, is that when you first decide that you need security cameras your focus should be on what exactly you want those cameras to do. Do you want them to capture a general wide view of your home or business? Do you need to catch very detailed video for a specific act that has been occurring? The system itself and the capabilities should first be considered and determined. Most 4ch Security Camera Systems come in a smaller form factor and tend to record less time because they do not hold as many hard disks. The majority of 4ch systems also are not expandable so if you are considering a system that you may want to expand on you may want to jump up to an 8ch Security Cameras System to give you more space for the future.

Since 4ch security camera systems tend to be price driven you will notice that most cameras that come in kits tend to be a fixed lens. This means that what you see is what you get. There is no adjusting the lens for a closer view. If you need to record a narrow driveway or hallway these cameras will not be very good. You will see a wide angle view that show that offers more to see but less detail. If you want the choice of adjusting the cameras make sure you buy cameras with a varifocal lens.
  • Our suggestions would always be to first decide what you need to see:
  • Do you need a close up shot for detail or the option to zoom in and get more detail?
  • Do you need cameras with infrared? If your home or business is dark you will need security cameras with infrared to see in complete darkness. Make sure you look at the distance limitation of the camera. If its 35 feet and you are installing the camera 12ft high thats 23ft of effective infrared you will now have as opposed to the 35ft the camera actually has.
  • Will you need to add more cameras? If so consider an 8ch or 16ch Security camera system.
  • If you need longer recording than 30 days also consider getting a 4ch DVR with more Hard Disk capacity.
We hope this sheds a little light on your decision making. Stick to the basics and you should be fine.