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Baby Video Monitor Review


Why Use Video Baby Monitors?

Parenting has never been easy, and tools that lighten are always welcome. Video baby monitors are just such a tool. These units will allow you to multi-task as you watch over your sleeping baby, or give you a moment to relax, as your baby plays peacefully nearby. They are particularly useful if you have a child with health or medical issues who requires constant supervision.

The best baby video monitors will make you feel like you are in the same room with your baby, even if several walls and doors separate you. Some monitors allow you to talk to your baby and hear them talk back. Some allow you to take pictures or record videos that can be posted on Facebook or other social media sites. You’ll want the monitor that provides the features that best meet your specific needs.

The best baby video monitors provide crisp video images and clear audio that will immediately alert you if there is a problem—and allow you to watch over your baby in the most intimate way possible. A number of excellent baby video monitors are on the market, but we are especially impressed with Withings, iBaby Monitor, and WiFi Baby. For additional information (like the difference between analog and digital monitors), be sure to check out ourarticles on video baby monitors.

Video Baby Monitors: What to Look For

Dozens of baby video monitors exist on the market, and the number continues to increase as they become more popular. We identified several key features that will help you separate the good from the best and determine which monitor will work best for you and your baby.

Video Monitoring

A baby video monitor is only as good as the picture it delivers. If it doesn’t provide a quality picture, it is really no better than an average audio-only monitor. Some of the features to watch for are remote pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, which will allow you to focus in on the exact location of your baby through remote controls on the monitor.

You’ll want to know the maximum range from which the monitor can transmit video images and whether that is sufficient for your needs given the restraints of your home. Four to five hundred feet is generally a good range, though we have one baby video monitor on our list, the Samsung SEW-3037, that can transmit up to 900 feet.

The video sleep/standby functionality will help conserve batteries and increase the amount of time you monitor your baby before needing to recharge. If your job requires you to travel, you would be well served to find a baby monitor with Skype capability, so you can check in with your baby wherever you are in the world.


Design entails the build, aesthetics and physical functions of a particular monitor. For instance, on each monitor we reviewed, we took note of the frequency strength, its LCD screen size and the length of its battery life. We also assessed the general look and design of the monitors – whether they have a contemporary or outdated exterior and whether the camera units could seamlessly blend into a nursery. In terms of design, we found the best monitors are those that offer design that is attractive, convenient and versatile.

Audio Monitoring

The point of a baby video monitor is to immediately alert you to the fact there is a problem or let you know the moment your baby wakes up. Therefore, an effective sound system is crucial. You want a monitor that offers high audio clarity and as little static as possible. Knowing which monitors allow you to, for instance, control volume or have two-way communication with your baby will impact your decision as to which model works best for you.

The best monitors will allow you to turn off the video and still hear your baby using audio-only mode. They will allow you to conserve battery power with VOX mode, which inactivates the monitor until sound is detected.


The best-designed monitors are attractive and versatile. A baby video monitor with multi-dimensional functionality, like the monitors on our list, will allow you to observe your baby in a variety of settings. Features like a belt clip option and wall-mounting hardware will increase the portability of the monitor, while improving the usefulness and versatility of the camera.

You will want to pay attention to design features like battery life when deciding on a monitor. The best baby video monitors have rechargeable batteries that last about 8 to 10 hours, and many can be extended by quite a bit with VOX and video sleep/standby functionality. Uncommon features like a room thermometer may be important to you if you want to stay apprised of your baby’s comfort level. The general look and feel of the design are also important. Some monitors will fit right in with the décor of your baby’s nursery, while others will lend a more contemporary feeling to the room.

Help & Support

Lastly, consider the warranty on each monitor and what kind of post-sale and installation customer service the manufacturer offers. For example, many manufacturers offer toll-free telephone numbers you can call if you have issues setting up your monitor or if you need to invoke the warranty. A select few also offered a live chat option, which is a great way to find answers to issues you may be dealing with.

The best baby video monitors will provide all the features you need to feel connected to your baby as if you are in the same room. Such devices will let you interact and observe your baby from different perspectives, during all hours of the day and night. Using the above criteria in our side-by-side comparisons and reviews, we’ve compiled a comprehensive lineup of the best baby video monitors on the market. Use it to make an informed decision as to which baby video monitor will best meet your specific needs.