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Babysitter Camera

babysitter camera, sometimes called a nanny cam, spy camera or security camera, is a small, discreet video camera that is disguised as a common household object. There is a wide range of baby sitter camera types so prices and functionality vary greatly. However, a babysitter camera is good idea if you’re planning on hiring a nanny that you do not know on a personal level. A baby sitter camera protects children; nanny cams have caught abusive nannies all over the country many times. A baby sitter camera can also give you peace of mind that your child is being well cared for and your baby sitter is following the rules you set forth upon hire.

A babysitter camera can be disguised as a common household object, so your nanny will have no idea that their behavior is being recorded unless you tell them. Baby sitter cameras are hidden in pens, clocks, alarm clocks, smoke detectors, air purifiers and even in stuffed animals. One thing to note about recording nannies with a babysitter camera is that a few states require you to obtain a person’s consent before videotaping them in any fashion, even on the premises of your private home. Check the laws of your state to see if this law applies where you live. Another legal facet of baby sitter cameras to consider is audio recording. Some courts will question whether recording audio enabled video of a babysitter breaks national wiretapping and eavesdropping laws. Not everyone considers audio necessary so if you’re concerned about this, you can opt for a video only babysitter camera or one that allows you to disable the audio function.

The one potential downside to using a babysitter camera is the expense. Prices range, but top rated, high-resolution cameras are not cheap. Many parents also wish to buy several cameras to place in multiple rooms or areas of the house. This is the only way to make sure abuse is not happening anywhere in your home. As a cost estimate, you can expect a small, wireless, nanny cam with decent resolution and the ability to store about 60 hours of footage that you can watch on your TV or computer to cost about $50. If it will require five cameras to cover all areas of your home, that’s $250, a sizeable investment for most folks.

While $250 sounds high, a babysitter camera can cost much, much more. There are nanny cams that record in a very high resolution and have a special capability to enhance recordings taken in low light settings, offering the best picture quality available. Some babysitter cams can wirelessly stream video, meaning a parent with a passcode can log online anywhere in the world and watch live video of their child at home with their babysitter. Many parents say this feature gives them a wonderful sense of control, knowing they can visually see that their child is happy and safe at any given moment. Some nanny cams come with even more functionality, such as a DVR or motion detection. A motion detection camera only functions when motion is present which can save valuable recording capacity and making it so you will not have to fast forward through footage of an empty room when your baby is napping. A babysitter camera of this caliber can range in cost from about $330 all the way up to $600.

Clearly, most parents cannot afford to outfit their entire home with $600 nanny cams. A frequent alternative is to place a top-quality camera in the most often used space while using less expensive cameras for less frequently used areas of the home.