CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Backup DVR

If you have developed a CCTV application or if you are planning on developing a CCTV surveillance system, then you will want to think about building a back-up system. Depending on how big your current system is, you will want to make this investment as you grow your CCTV system. For surveillance systems that have more than 24 security cameras, you will want a back up DVR. The reason for that is it takes 3-5 days to complete a RMA protocol. From the time it takes to ship, to diagnosis of the DVR, to repair time, and re-shipment, this could mean a lot of trouble for security setup. Below are some PC based DVRs that you can purchase for 24 channels and above.

Cover The Most Important Security Points

If you are planning to improve the effectiveness of your CCTV setup or if your CCTV system is already down, then you want to make sure you have a plan-of-action to cover the most important points of security. Typically most security setups have a hand full of major areas that need constant surveillance. Loss of security is silent problem, but a big one. For example, homeland security, cannot afford to ever be down. They usually have very large CCTV security setups to watch ports, bridges, and critical points of entry to the United States. The most important thing that you need to do when considering a back up DVR is: How many zones of security you have to have eyes on? This is so important it will lead you to select the right DVR to put in place of your main solution. If you have less than 24 security cameras then take look at 8,12 and 16 channel DVRs for a temporary solution until we can repair your DVR and send it back to you. The decision to implement this will save you money, decrease safety violations, and eliminate potentially dangerous threats. We feature some economical solutions that will cover your real-time-recording up to a week. If you are unclear about what to do call our 800 hot-line and talk it over with a consultant today.


Standalone DVRs Make Great Back Up DVRs

If budgeting out a back up DVR, has you worried or scratching your head, don’t worry. Depending on how big your CCTV application is, we can accommodate you a very inexpensive solution. Standalone DVRs are great options for back up DVRs because they are so inexpensive. The transfer process is easy. Just disconnect the twist-on-BNC-connectors and plug them to the BNC ports of your DVR. The total amount of time it takes to connect your BNC video connections, plug in power to the DVR, and render video recording is around five minutes. If you have a large enough CCTV system of eight security cameras or more then you want a standalone DVR. If your application falls under a small residential home then you may not need a back up DVR. It is just two expensive in most cases. We still stress the application, because if the reason your are recording your video becomes dangerous, then it is worth it to have a back up. However, we rarely have 4 channel DVRs fail, unless it was an act-of-God. But for small business, fast-food-restaurants, busy fine dining restaurants, hi-commercial businesses, colleges, local municipal buildings, government compounds, prisons, jails, police stations, and many others, then you want to have a back up Security DVR lined up to cover the right points of security. It is hard to classify each CCTV application vaguely, because it is just hard to say how many points of security are important. But if you are smart, you’d better call us and talk to someone, so we can figure out a solution for you.