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Best Walkie Talkie Reviews and Buying Guide 2016

Best Walkie Talkie Reviews and Buying Guide 2016

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To date, communication is the vital part of our personal as well as professional life and to keep in touch with others in a most effective way, you might need the best walkie talkie.

A communication device is required, whether you have to talk to our kids at home or need to talk to each other while on recreation tours like camping in the woods or mountains, hiking or any other outdoor sports activity. There are various means of communication to choose from. Although the smartphonesare playing the dominant role to keep in touch, there are certain situations and jobs, where walkie-talkies are more effective and playa key rolein communicating with each other.

A lot of companies are offering walkie-talkies with unique features and styles. With some components and operation are common between them, you still have to search thebestwalkie-talkie for you. There is a great difference in the user’sopinion about the salient features, best walkie-talkies should have.

While deciding on the best walkie-talkie, the user must know his purpose clearly. Below are some of the key points, which will help you how to choose thebest walkie-talkie for you.

Benefits of walkie-talkies

Handheld transceivers or commonly called walkie-talkies, play a crucial role in the areas where mobile signals fail. Whether you are going with your friends to the hills or fishing by the lakeside, away from the hustle bustle of cities, the walkie-talkies will let you talk to other persons even in remote areas. Apart from their capability to communicate in remote areas where smartphones fail, they are cost-effective too, as compared to mobile phones since there is no need to recharge radio devices.

In emergency situations where it is difficult to contact your near ones, walkie-talkies have the feature of sending SOS signals to confirm your location. In adverse weather conditions, these HT’s have the inbuilt feature of alerting you about the current weather conditions. Walkie-talkies have amazing usability in following applications.

    • A pair of walkie-talkie can be used as a baby- monitor to help you hear the baby cries when you are away from the baby.
    • Walkie-talkies are assets for the staff of pubs, restaurants, and clubs. They are useful for general communication with each other to streamline various operations and most importantly for security purposes.
    • Walkie-talkies are of great help in the education sector. There is no provision of any telephones in classes and since the teachers have to move in large campuses, radio devices can be used to great effect at schools and colleges.
  • Other areas where walkie-talkies can do wonders with their amazing features are police services and lifeguards.

Top-rated Walkie-Talkies

The market is flooded with many types of walkie-talkies, offered by various companies. It is really a cumbersome task to pinpoint one model from the plethora of variants available to date. Not only for beginner but a professional can get puzzled in the process of comparing the features and the finalizing the one that is thebest value for money.

This buying guide is aimed to help you make a clear decision in theshort span of time. Out of the top 10 models from different brands, we have narrowed down the following list to top 4 walkie-talkies.

  • Cobra MRHH500FLTBT
  • Motorola MT350R
  • Uniden GMR5089
  • Midland GXT 1050VP4

Review of top 4 best walkie-talkies

Based on user reviews and customers’ comments, the following is the detailed comparisons and reviews of top walkie-talkies for sale on the market today.



Midland GXT 1050VP4

Uniden GMR5089

Motorola MT350R

Uniden GMR5089
Motorola MT350R


Packed with stunning features like pairing with a phone, compact design, easy to use and waterproof technology.


All-weather 50 channel radio is worth paying money. Has been on the top on the list of best two-way radios.

Feature rich radio device from world’s top radio-brands. Comes with robust built and water floating features with 3-year warranty

Rated high for user-friendly features, innovative design, and large service network.


Quite volume

Complicated controls

A little heavy due to strong built

The display looks congested.


Compact in size but high in performance

Popular among adventurers and families who love recreation due to light weight and easy handling.

Highly reliable radio device to connect with family and friends at an affordable price

You can feel the high quality of the device, the moment you hold it in your hand.

Let us compare and analyze some of the important features of these top rated walkie-talkies:




Midland GXT 1050VP4

Uniden GMR5089

Motorola MT350R


20 Miles

36 Miles

50 Miles

35 Miles


This amazing floating walkie-talkie works on a very high-frequency range (VHF), the frequency ranges known best for long-range line-of-sight transmission of voice data.The maximum power at which this device can be used is 6 Watts with a maximum range of 20 miles. The signal strength (power) is quite high as compared to other devices of same category available in the market. You also have the option to select 1, 3 or 6 watts according to your requirement of short range or high range communications.

The range is pretty good in plain areas with no obstructions, although the range dips when used in urban areas with lots of obstructions from metal or buildings.

Midland GXT 1050VP4

This two-way FRS/GMRS radio device has 50 channels, out of which 22 are used for GMRS for long range communication.Midland has listed the range of 36 miles, but the range is valid under clear line-of-sight conditions with no obstructions. The range, as reported by certain customers is reduced to a great extent when using within enclosed spaces or cities.

Uniden GMR5089

Uniden GMR5089 is on the top of the list of thetwo-way radio device. The credit for this goes to its high range capacity. The radio devices, compatible with GMRS are capable of communication up to 50 miles. With such impressive figures, GMR5089 is popular amongst the people who love to go for fishing or other water sports activity. You may not get as listed range, but the device still has the capacity to reach the other listener with aclear voice over long distances. Uniden GMR5089 is by far the best long range walkie-talkie in the market to date.

Motorola MT350R

Known for its seamless operation in harsh weather conditions, Motorola offers a range of 35 miles under optimal conditions. The range may fall in real life circumstances, but the best part about the Motorola MT350 is that there is the inbuilt provision of the repeater function, where in you can use the services of locally available repeater stations to increase the range of the signal.

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